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    to lead up to halloween here are all kinds of movies all about witchcraft. funny movies, sad movies, scary movies, vaguely historically inaccurate movies. movies that are not explicitly about witches (this isn’t a very large genre ok)

    1. häxan: witchcraft through the ages (1922)
    2. i married a witch (1942)
    3. black sunday (1960)
    4. horror hotel (1960)
    5. witchfinder general (1968)
    6. bedknobs and broomsticks (1971)
    7. the devils (1971)
    8. simon, king of the witches (1971)
    9. suspiria (1977)
    10. inferno (1980)
    11. return to oz (1985)
    12. the witches of eastwick (1987)
    13. kiki’s delivery service (1989)
    14. teen witch (1989)
    15. warlock (1989)
    16. the witches (1990)
    17. death becomes her (1992)
    18. hocus pocus (1993)
    19. the bride with white hair (1993)
    20. witch hunt (1994)
    21. lord of illusions (1995)
    22. the craft (1996)
    23. practical magic (1998)
    24. ginger snaps (2000)
    25. bewitched (2005)
    26. the woods (2006)
    27. solstice (2008)
    28. the house of the devil (2009)
    29. beautiful creatures (2013)
    30. hansel & gretel: witch hunters (2013)
    31. ek thi daayan (2013)

    Yes! Yes yes yes! I have been waiting for this list my whole life.

    Well I know what I’m doing tonight 

    SB and I need to study up!

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    I started a big girl blog. I’ll be spending most of my time there from now on. Visit, comment, like…whatever you wish. Hope to see you there!

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    Always and forever my 2nd biggest girl crush.

    Always and forever my 2nd biggest girl crush.

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    Anonymous asked: Sexiest men alive?


    1990’s Ethan Hawke and everyday/always Daniel Johns.

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    loveisaluxury asked: hi. i miss you a ton. i want to see you! new goal: come back to cali if even for only another weekend.


    I miss you too, my dear! I did not get enough time with you in October. This needs to change! It’s always a good time for a California trip.

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    "Dating in the age of technology is about having love in your heart and a cell phone in your hand."
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    tylermhoppel-deactivated2013020 asked: Hope you're doing well stranger!


    Ah! Hi Tyler! I’m doing great. Hope you’re doing just as well. Let’s catch up soon.

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    Too many times I have read articles and blog posts, watched the news, or been involved in verbal conversations that spoke volumes on why other countries think America is one big excuse for a laughing fit. I for one am sick of being the butt of everyone’s joke.

    After this last long and tiresome election process, Barack Obama has been named our President, and there is no changing that. Like him or not, make no mistake about it that he will continue out the rest of his days in office. So why is it so hard for every bitter person who voted against him to show him respect? 

    We look broken.

    We look weak.

    No one takes us seriously.

    I encourage anyone reading this to research positive ways to make your voice heard. I am curious to know what complaining about President Obama chewing gum or the First Lady putting her elbow on the dinner table has to do with what kind of job he does as Commander in Chief. Furthermore, what will those particular complaints do to fix the problems you’d like to see resolved? I personally think our country has much bigger fish to fry than a piece of Nicorette.

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